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Millions of years ago, the Eifel was covered in glowing lava and is today a green and fertile land. Hikes through the Eifel are always exciting excursions into bygone times. Special geological formations, crater lakes and sharp mountain cones bear witness to the original volcanic landscapes.

In the immediate vicinity you will find great hiking trails:

Traumpfad Wanderather

Follow the extensive 304-meter-high signage through green meadows and enjoy spectacular views and the unique atmosphere of quiet valleys with bubbling streams. Walk through juniper and broom heaths and follow Jodokuspilgerweg for part of the way. It is also possible to visit the pilgrimage chapel of St. Jost and the visitor mine Grube Bendisberg.

Traumpfad Wanderung auf dem Wanderather

Traumpfad Booser Doppelmaartour

A hike as a time travel into the hot past of the volcanoes.
The great flora and fauna in the nature reserve "Booser Doppelmaar", views of wide Maare and former volcanoes will inspire you.

Traumpfad Wanderung Booser Doppelmaartour

Traumpfad Bergheidenweg

Along the Nette River the Bergheidenweg offers beautiful views of the mixed forests of the Eifel and the juniper heaths.

Traumpfad Wanderung Bergheidenweg

Traumpfad Förstersteig

Experience breathtaking panoramic views on about 15 km of forest trails. Visit Bürresheim Palace halfway and experience insights into the life of the nobility between the 15th and 20th centuries.

Wanderung Traumpfad Förstersteig

Traumpfad Heidehimmel-Volkesfeld

Lush green and blooming meadows, fragrant heaths and quiet forests and panoramic views enchant the hiker. Refresh yourself at the mineral spring "Sauerbrunnen" or at a rest in one of the rustic huts.

Wanderung Traumpfad Heidehimmel-Volkesfeld

Traumpfad Virne-Burgweg

Fantastic Eifel panorama, beautiful forests and heathland and the ruin Virneburg make this dream path an experience.

Wanderung Traumpfad Virne-Burgweg

Traumpfad Vulkanpfad

Insight into the genesis of the volcanoes, a journey into the time of the stone industry and great views of the volcanoes make this trail a dream path

Wanderung Traumpfad Vulkanpfad

Traumpfad Waldseepfad Rieden

Enjoy the panorama of the Gänsehalsturm, quiet forests, dreamy valleys and views of the volcanic landscapes.

Traumpfad Waldseepfad Rieden

Traumpfad 7-Dörfer Wanderweg

The seven districts of the municipality Baar (Büchel, Engeln, Freilingen, Mittelbaar, Niederbaar, Oberbaar and Wanderath) near the Hohe Acht and the Nürburgring connects this circular walk. Wonderful views into the forested, characterized by mountains and valleys environment offer the hikers.

Wanderung Traumpfad 7-Dörfer Wanderweg


Here is an overview of the sights:

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